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Although not scheduled for release till January 2013, Beverly Hills Resident has donned its lab coat to test the latest addition to the YSL Forever Youth Liberator Collection. Specifically targeting the classic signs of aging like puffiness, dark circles, and crow’s-feet, the new Eye Zone Serum promises to offer scientifically enhanced skin management, providing maximum radiance, stimulation, and nourishment.

Harnessing the binding and restorative power of polysaccharides called glycans, YSL Beauty has firmly established itself as a purveyor of the three principal axes of beauty as well as become true pioneers of a new study of skin science called Glycobiology. By using Glycanatif-its innovative and proprietary complex of essential glycans and Aquatoryl-a polysensorial hydrating element, YSL has found new and effective methods of not only increasing the thickness of the epidermis, but also stimulate the regeneration of glycans at the cellular level. The lifting effect is almost immediate and after just a few days of using the highly concentrated serum eyes seem brighter, more radiant, and younger without losing the unique expressive power that eyes can convey. Combined with the other glycan-enhanced cleansers and moisturizers from the range, the Eye Zone Serum offers a 360° method of anti-aging treatment set to rival many branded skin treatments. And who said that youth doesn’t come in a bottle?