Working closely with his partner Chef Yoji Tajima, Giacomino Drago has launched a new sushi concept Yojisan in Beverly Hills. The restaurant’s interior, designed by architect Dan Brunn, is a contemporary and modern interpretation of japanese style which highlights the contrast between organic and inorganic, animate and inanimate. The streamlined interior features a floating garden, bamboo made of light, and supersized inverted boxes that hint at traditional Japanese bento. And while the interior design is both captivating and inviting, the real star of Yojisan is the food. Each plate is a veritable creation of art, blending modern and traditional cooking methods to produce a fusion of classic favourites and more experimental creations. For dinner tempt your palate with complex dishes like jalapeno infused lobster escabeche, perfectly seasoned sashimi, or kobe beef tobanyaki. Yojisan is also perfect for after-work sushi and drinks with a plethora of ingenious sushi and roll combinations paired with fanciful cocktails or a serious selection of Japanese beers including Sapporo, Kirin, Ebisu Koshihikari Echigo, and Asahi Black. For the more daring, try the Sushi and Saké pairing menu at $79 per person.

YOJISAN 260 N. Beverly Drive 90210 Beverly Hills, CA +1-424-245-3799