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The Los Angeles fashion scene has always struggled to gain international status, but maybe it’s great climate, it’s inextricable link to Hollywood and Rock n’ Roll, and undeniably glamorous style will finally play host to a long awaited bi-annual gathering of the fashion faithful. In a statement yesterday Tom Ford announced that he will no longer be showing his women’s collections in London, but rather has chosen Los Angeles as his fashion capital. For Ford, Los Angeles seems a perfect backdrop for his über chic vision of style; a style that is already a massive hit with celebrities from the worlds of television, cinema, and music including Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, and Brad Pitt.

“I have loved LA since I first moved there from New York in the early 1980’s. Richard and I have had a home there and divided our time between LA and Europe for the past 20 years and have always felt a deep-rooted connection to the city” Ford commented this morning.

“So many visuals in our world are filtered through Los Angeles including music, television and film and in this way it influences global fashion in a profound way. Like fashion, film is also a creative endeavor that is extremely important to me. I am excited to bring these two aspects of my life together by presenting the collection in Los Angeles.”

Ford’s announcement to present his collections in LA follows in the footsteps of fellow designer Hedi Slimane’s 2011 decision to move the creative ateliers of Saint Laurent Paris to the City of Angeles. So does this mean more designers will be planning to escape the dreary confines of an Old Europe in favour of the perennially perfect SoCal ambiance? If so, it means yet another Trail of Tears as journalists, buyers, and fashion groupies are obliged to traverse the expanse of the American West to add yet another city to their Fashion Week Schedule.

What is evident is that with the serge in Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills luxury home sales to International buyers, particularly Asians, and a growing global community of artists and tastemakers here in LA, makes Ford’s decision good business sense as well. He and his business partner Domenico de Sole have made bold, visionary moves in the past, so does this herald a new era for luxury fashion?

Tom Ford will present his Autumn/Winter 2015 women’s in Los Angeles on February 20th, just a few days before the Oscars. 

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