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Brad Hunter creates the ultimate skincare therapy

OK…admit it….often purchases are motivated by the packaging which was completely the case when we carted a bevy of Brad Skin Care products from their pristine white headquarters on 3rd Street. And yes, when displayed ever so deftly in our Thompson-esque bathroom, the range of clever and minimalist glass apothecary bottles became the ultimate design statement. Yet we were quick to discover that function dominates form as BRAD is so much more than its sophisticated containers.

BRAD Biophotonic Skin Care is a revolutionary regenerative skincare system for men and women featuring breakthrough innovations in bio-fermentation and vital, self-stimulating rays of violet light that preserve and energize its formulations. Created by health and beauty pioneer Brad Hunter, the namesake line was originally developed to counteract damage related to the harsh effects of air travel – fluctuating cabin pressure, extreme altitude, excessive UV levels, contaminated air – and to restore the skin to optimal health. BRAD’s bio-fermented acids and nutrient-rich herbal treatments revive the skin’s youthful vitality by stimulating communication between epidermal and dermal cells, activating collagen and elastin networks to repair damage and renew skin. Based in a treatment philosophy, BRAD Skin Care uses uniquely distilled preparations to restructure, purify, nourish, and re-energize the skin, in an effective, pared-down skincare program.

We have fallen in love with the Universal Cleansing Gel with its therapeutic scents of lavender rosemary and orange peel and likewise never leave home without the electrolized benefits of Brad’s Anti-Fatigue Mist. The Brad Skin Care range also features more complex serums, treatments, and moisturizing which can be tailored to the complexity of a client’s needs.

BRAD SKINCARE8318 1/2 West 3RD St. Los Angeles, CA. 90048 +1 310 859 2888