Reflective of its brand values of organic purity, modern design, and sensorial pleasure, Nespresso recently collaborated with leading minimalist architect Aldo Parisotto to create a coffee connoisseur’s paradise in the heart of Beverly Hills .

Occupying the former Urban Outfitters location at 320 North Beverly Drive, Nespresso has finally launched its latest concept boutique and cafe, offering Beverly Hills residents and visitors a contemporary, stylish, and relaxed atmosphere to conspicuously consume the world’s incontestably chicest coffees. The 7.500 square foot space was designed in collaboration with Aldo Parisotto and global branding guru’s Futurebrand to truly reflect the spirit of not only Nespresso, but also the spirit Southern California coffee connoisseurship. Aesthetically this flagship pushes all the buttons, featuring loft-like proportions, floor to ceiling cactus garden atrium and a contrasting mix rosewood and oak furnishing and finishes reminiscent of the rich crema of a perfectly brewed espresso. The backlit golden glass facade takes its inspiration from a Mondrian composition and has given Beverly Drive the perfect touch of cosmopolitan sophistication. The boutique is divided in to various zones to not only tempt and tantalize, but also to educate its clientèle to the more artisan and technical aspects of the Nespresso brand. The Discovery Ring offers guests the opportunity to discover all aspects of the brand and its products: from the wide choice of innovative Nespresso machines that deliver the barista experience at home, to the latest collection of purposefully-designed accessories, all in a dynamic yet warm atmosphere. The space also allows for private tutorial sessions with Boutique Specialists. In addition to the standard menu of espresso and espresso-based beverages, the boutique bar serves light breakfast and lunch options and a selection of sumptuous sweets which can be enjoyed seated indoors or on its 16 seat outdoor terrace. Nespresso has always been about customizing the coffee experience to individual styles and tastes whilst setting a universal standard of excellence. The Beverly Hills addition to Nepresso’s armada of boutiques and concept cafes is no exception and has truly embraced the laid back yet aesthetically astute 90210 lifestyle.  Nespresso  360 North Beverly Drive