“The most important book in the culinary arts since Escoffier.” — Tim Zagat

Cracking open one of the 5 large format volumes of Modernist Cuisine, one begins to truly understand that this is no ordinary cookbook, but rather a visual and scientific voyage into the rarely done and the rarely seen. A colossal work of collaboration and research by former Chief of Technology at Microsoft and now culinary graduate of the Ecole de la Varenne,  Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, renowned Fat Duck chef Chris Young, and London chef Maxime Bilet. Along with a team of over 20 assistants and photographers in their Washington-based Cooking Lab, the trio have set out to redefine the rules, bust the myths, and chart unique and unexplored techniques of cooking.  Employing such methods as emulsifiers, centrifuges, cyro-frying, this 2,438 page, six volume work is destined to reinvent cooking. With bold graphics, elegant recipes, and detailed methodology, even the simplest of home-kitchens can experience  this unique blend of Haut-Cuisine and Haut-Technology. In addition to its five volumes which explore such topics as Techniques and Equipment, Microbiology for Cooks, Ingredients and Preparations and Plated Dish recipes, the set also includes a laminated , spiral bound kitchen manual ready to accompany the apprentice-chef throughout the creative process. To learn more about Modernist Cuisine, please visit their website at


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