Le Mervetty



Strolling along Cañon Drive the other day I realised just how transportive a window display can be. One minute you are on the sunny streets of Beverly Hills, the next thousands of miles away on a chic ruelle of Paris with a hankering for something decadently sweet. What made my mind travel were well presented, fluffy yet refined confections of a highly niche incarnation of a Parisian patisserie specialising in a delice called Le Mervetty. Inspired whilst traveling through Lille, owner Etty Benhamou came back to Beverly Hills intent on making these little cloud-like jewels available to a local clientele. And we are so very happy that she did. They feature an airy meringue centre that has been lusciously embellished by mounds of sweet and buttery whipped cream as well as a liberal dusting of lush chocolate shavings. Available in a cavalcade of flavours including chocolate, nutella, specloos, and praline, the boutique’s signature creation is available in three mouthwatering sizes. Our favourites are the mini Mervetty which seems to satisfy even the most demanding of sweet tooth. And if that weren’t enough, dyed in the wool fans of meringue can also tempt their taste buds with a classic pavlova that features crunchy crystallised meringue, fresh strawberries, and vanilla whipped cream. All bets are on that if Marie Antoinette were living in Beverly Hills in 2014, Le Mervetty would definitely be her go to purveyor of cake.

LE MERVETTY 319 N Cañon Drive Beverly Hills 90210 +1 310-804-9409