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No Holiday would be complete without the radiance and sparkle of Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards.  Beverly Hills Resident recently sat down with Kyle to discover her latest boutique venture. Kyle by Alene Too is a 5,000 square foot emporium of chic, right

in the heart of  90210.

BHR: Good morning Kyle. Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us about your newest venture, Kyle by Alene Too.  It is such an exciting project. Can tell me more about the boutique and what motivated you to forge the partnership with Debbie Weisman and Lizzy Schwartz?

KR: I have always loved fashion, and it’s been a dream of mine to own my boutique. I went to Boca Raton for a book signing at Alene Too (my partners Debbie Weisman’s and Lizzy Schwartz’s store) The moment I walked in I fell in love with the store. It had everything I loved all under one roof. When I came back to L.A, I decided to reach out to them with the idea of opening a store in Beverly Hills. The three of us hit it off immediately. I am so excited about opening a store like this right in the heart of Beverly Hills.

BHR: So the store is truly an emporium of your favourite designers. Who are you loving at the moment? What’s hot for this Holiday season?

KR: The store is 5,000 Sq Ft, so we are able to have something for everyone. Everything from a denim bar, sweaters, and t-shirts to evening wear. Some of my favorite designers that we carry are Haute Hippie, Parker, Missoni, Just Cavalli, J Brand jeans, Iro, Elizabeth and James to name a few. We also have an extensive collection of vintage Chanel jewelry and handbags. This season we are seeing a lot of color, colored denim, plaid and, of course, sequins are always hot during the holidays. When it came to designing the store we turned to Faye Resnick (Faye Resnick Design) The store is absolutely beautiful. It’s glamorous and comfortable. My friends and kids come in and hang out with me. So fun!

BHR: Your style is very impressive, effortlessly chic with a just the right hint of bohemian. Do you have any style icons, women that have maybe influenced or inspired your unique look? Does music have an impact on that style?

KR: I have many style icon’s that I admire and influence me. Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Lopez…When it comes to fashion, I have many moods!

BHR: You state in your book, “Life is Not a Reality Show”  that your mother always told you to have a signature style. What do you consider your signature?

KR: Yes, my Mom did always say that. I didn’t get what she meant by that then but now as an adult I do. When I was younger, I always wanted to cut my hair short and pluck my eyebrows, and my Mom used to tell me not to. “That is your look” she would say. Now, after many failed attempts at different looks, I realize my Mom was right. Same goes with fashion. Don’t follow trends if they don’t work for you.

BHR: With so much of fashion being inspired by the couture houses of Paris as well your very publicized fetish for Chanel handbags, your recent trip to Paris must have been very exciting. What was the thing that struck you the most when comparing Parisian style and shopping to that of LA?

KR: Paris is synonymous with fashion. Some of the biggest designers of our time are from Paris.  The stores and streets are so beautiful. Very inspiring. LA fashion is a lot more laid back.

BHR: Not only are you a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills you are also a full-time mother, actress, and now businesswoman. It’s so much to manage, and from what I read in your book, you don’t have a hundred nannies and personal assistants, so how do you keep it all together?

KR: Keeping it all together is not always easy. However, like most women, I am a good multi-tasker! My days are crazy, but I work well under pressure. Between my children, husband, shooting Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and now having the store, I am extremely busy. Most days feel like a relay race. Yoga helps keep me calm.

BHR: Do you think having a spiritual aspect to your life is one of the keys?

KR: I think having a spiritual aspect absolutely helps keep you grounded and focused on the things that are most important in your life (family and friends)and serves as a reminder to nourish those relationships and appreciate our blessings.

BHR: I am sure that you have had a lot of support and advice from your husband Mauricio and from friends and family. Do you have any advice for other women who want to create their own business?

KR: For me, I have always been a Mom first. I never thought of myself as a business woman, but now I have become one. I believe that no dream is too big, and it’s never too late. If you have a dream, don’t follow it, chase it!

BHR: Of all the Housewives you are the only true born and bred Beverly Hills Native. I imagine that gives you a fascinating perspective of living and working in the world’s most famous postcode.  From a residential perspective, what makes the Beverly Hills experience so unique?

KR: Beverly Hills has always been a city that people are intrigued with. Beautiful estates, Celebrities, sunny California beaches, but to me Beverly Hills is just small town. A beautiful small town! I walk into a restaurant or store, and these people have known my family and me since I was a baby. They’ve watched my kids grow up. Everyone knows everyone.  However, sometimes I’ll be driving down Rode Drive on a beautiful sunny day, with the palm trees and I’ll think “wow, that looks just like the movies!”

BHR: How will you and your family be spending the Holidays this year? What are some of your special traditions?  I think somewhere I heard that you make one mean lasagna. Are there any holiday baked goods in your arsenal of culinary crafts?

KR: I LOVE the holidays! My favorite time is when my kids are out of school, and they help me cook in the kitchen. We grew up with my Dad always making the best holiday dinners. He would give us each an assignment, and we would all cook together. That’s a tradition I’ve kept with my kids. My sister’s and I all love to cook during the holidays. We compete for best turkey, and I hands down make the best mashed potatoes. No debate there. The best part of the holidays are making memories


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