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Everyone Loves Lucy and no other scene incarnates her one-of-a-kind farcical comedy more than the quickening pace of a rebellious chocolate bon-bon conveyor belt in the Candy Factory episode. But did you know that Lucille Ball was actually inspired to write the famous skit after visiting the artisanal workshops of the Edelweiss Chocolate Shop located on Canõn Drive in Downtown Beverly Hills?

Originally known as The Candy Round Up, this Beverly institution was opened in 1942 by Grace Young and immediately won favour with Hollywood. Nancy Regan, Lauren Bacall, and Katharine Hepburn all extolled the virtues of the shop’s creamy and nut studded fudge, flavoured chocolate dipped marshmallows, and Hepburn’s favourite… Dark chocolate Turtles. By the time loyal client and actress Shirley Jones purchased the business in 1996 the company changed its name to Edelweiss Chocolates and had introduced yet another famous confection-the chocolate dipped pretzel.

Today, Edelweiss Chocolates is one of the oldest confectionaries in America still making chocolates by hand. Its reputation for superior chocolates and an A-list clientele that would rival many a red carpet moment continues under the direction of the Zahir family. Their passion for the brand and confectionary craftmanship have preserved not only the shop’s secret recipes and original machinery that inspired Lucille Ball back in 1952, but also an old world charm which continues to seduce even the most sophisticated of client.

To celebrate Beverly Hills’ most beloved chocolatier’s 70th Anniversary, the City of Beverly Hills will be honouring the business with a special ceremony to be held on September 20th at 7pm at The Beverly Hills City Hall. For more information about the celebration, contact the boutique directly on 310-275-0341.

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