If it’s not on your agenda, it should be… the Season Premiere of the new #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills will be airing  Sunday August 3rd at 11pm. We can’t wait to see what those #fabuluxe kids have been up to in China. #RKOBH is yet another television reality show that promises to peer into the day-to-day lives of  90210′s rich, famous, and highly networked. But rather than a vapid show of conspicuous consumption and champagne addiction (though we do admit there is plenty), the show really does give a wonderful insight to what its like being young, wealthy, and in the spotlight in America’s most famous zip code. It also highlights how important one’s career truly is and whether it’s Roxy Sowlaty’s nascent interior design business, Brandon Fitzpatrick and Dorothy Wang’s  respective Real Estate pursuits with The Agency, or Morgan Stewart’s scintillating Boobs and Loubs blog, these kids are proving that they are not sitting back resting on the laurels of their parents successes, but rather carving out of this world their own niche. The cast is quirky, incredibly versed in the art of hashtaging, needless to say gorgeous & well shod, and giving a dash of competition to other local shows including #MDL and #RHOBH. Make sure to tune in…

What you might discover is that, despite its glittering international reputation for palatial homes and star-studded population,  for us locals  Beverly Hills is a fairly normal place. Ok, so even though we may meet up at Villa Blanca rather than the local McDonalds and do have a disproportionate bevy of luxurious options for shopping, personal care, dining, and entertainment, life here is pretty much the same as it is everywhere. There is a great sense of community, where one set out for a 15 min walk down Rodeo which quickly transforms into an hour-long endeavour due to the number of friends, colleagues, or family one bumps into along the way. This is surely due to the city’s relatively small size, but also that there are generations of Beverly Hills residents that have now lived and worked together for over 100 years; sharing schools, nannies, spin classes, recipes, and business deals.  Sure there are the mega mansions of Bel Air and Holmby Hills, but there is also a significant number of modestly sized and priced homes scattered throughout Beverly Hills which adds to the richness of the residential element of the town. Whilst Rodeo offers a super glam Saturday morning divertissement and its fair share of luxury boutiques and hotels , there is also the more down-to-earth , but super chic shopping and dining experiences on South Beverly including our very own Urth Caffé (no need to go to Melrose), Lette Macaroons, and edgy multi-brand Enter Boutique. The real priviledge of being a Beverly Hills resident is being part of such an eclectic and diverse population whose cultural and philanthropic pursuits often times overshadow its  internationally known, but erroneous  cliche of shallow air kissing.

Lately there have been some new additions to our little town including last year’s greatly anticipated opening of Nespresso on Beverly Drive. It is a wonderful place to relax, socialize, and to savour the lush crema of a perfectly brewed espresso. New additions also include the sublimely chic and minimalist Le Mervetty whose meringue confections have been tempting our sweet tooth’s since February, Sugarfina’s deliciously clever take on a sweet shop, and Zegna’s new men’s couture boutique designed by Peter Marino. Rounding out the newcomers are french fashion brands Maje, Sandro, Iro, and the soon to open Cos boutique. All proving that Beverly Hills is constantly evolving and though it maintains its small town proportions, is becoming more and more cosmopolitan every day.

David de la Marca