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Elegant, modern, and artistic- three words which perfectly describe Master Chocolatier Jonathan Graham’s fine hand-made chocolates for Brentwood chocolate brand Compartes. From graphically rich packaging to his bold square evolution of the classic truffle, traditional hand dipped and stuffed fruits to sizzling and spicy haute couture confections, Jonathan’s chocolates are proudly crafted fresh daily from locally sourced fruits, exotic spices, organic creams and butters and from the very best hand-selected, roasted and blended cocoa beans hailing from the four corners of the globe. The result is a flavour-packed, visually impressive experience of connoisseurship and pleasure which bring the art of chocolate appreciation to a heightened level not unlike that of savouring a fine wine or gazing upon a perfectly executed mid-century painting.

For over 60 years, Compartes has been tempting the palettes of a loyal local and celebrity clientele including such Hollywood legends as Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra as well as current clients Lisa Vanderpump, Brad Goreski, and Angelina Jolie. Today, the brand is under the creative direction of 28 year old Jonathan Graham and with his keen eye, an even keener gustative prowess, and a passion for his profession, has transformed the Compartes brand into a vibrant, trendy, and highly demanded international luxury brand serving up some of the area’s finest ethically sustainable chocolates. Having been dubbed a food star and one of the top 25 entrepreneurs under 25, Jonathan been featured in Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, The LA Times and Saveur. His television appearances include Food Network, A&E, ABC, Bravo, and CNN.

At first one’s eye is captivated by the fashionable icons, patterns and motifs that adorn their modernly square truffles, heralding that you are about to embark on a chocolate lovers journey unlike no other. Biting into the luscious Fairtrade, single origin South American chocolates, rich and earthy notes of perfectly roasted cocoa collide with creamy bursts of designer ganache that have been expertly infused and spiked with unexpected and tantalizing flavour combinations like mango and saffron, Kaffir lime and lemongrass, blackberry and sage, or Wasabi Ginger. For the traditionalist there is an entire range of familiar classics including strawberry, vanilla bean, and almond crunch and for the holidays a special seasonally inspired collection featuring warm and cozy comfort spices like cinnamon and ginger.

To compliment his collection of fashionable morsels, Jonathan has also remained loyal to certain house classics including 30 varieties of artisan chocolate bars studded with exotic and appetizing fruits, nuts and spices, rustic pecan turtles, and fluffy vanilla laced homemade marshmallow double dipped in baths of either deep and intense dark chocolate or premium milk chocolate. And if you are nuts for nuts, Compartes’ Love Nuts feature hand roasted pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia, and cashews that have been caramelized with Tahitian Vanilla, sprinkled with a pinch of pure sea salt, then layered 14 times in a delicious signature chocolate blend and topped off with raw cacao powder.

To showcase their expert techniques and unique approach to chocolate making, Jonathan offers a peak into the creative process through custom windows that allow guests to peer into the chocolate laboratories of its Brentwood location. Decorated in a matte palette of gunmetal, earthy beige and geometric burnished bronze, the boutique serves as a minimalist yet warm and inviting backdrop to shop’s daily explosion of colour and flavour.


COMPARTES 912 South Barrington Avenue Los Angeles 310.826.3380 www.compartes.com