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Named one of the Top 5 International Florists by The Financial Times and with a celebrity client list that features some of the biggest names in fashion and film including Chanel, Neiman Marcus, and Oprah Winfrey, Eddie Zaratsian is no ordinary florist, but rather a creative director, expressing his vision through floral arrangements coupled with expert special event or project management. Mr. Zaratsian’s architectural and refined aesthetic gives way to spectacular creations respecting the natural beauty of a flower-layering complementing elements such as wood, berries, cones, and moss as well as creating bespoke arrangements which are truly tailored, rather than composed. For Beverly Hills Resident’s Holiday Edition, Eddie shares with us an insight to his inspirations and to the little luxuries he just can’t live without.


BHR: What are the hottest floral trends for Holiday 2012?


EZ: I would love to say that there are streamlined floral trends but all of our clients have different taste. Eddie Zaratsian creates custom floral arrangements based on our client’s style. We are known for our organic presence with natural, seasonally available elements.


BHR: Tom Ford has said that his favourite flower is a peony because of its lush structure and subtle but intoxicating aroma. Would you agree? What are your favourite flowers to work with?


EZ: I agree; I adore the peony. I believe that all flowers have their own beauty. Being a floral artisan with beautiful flowers is like a chef having the freshest ingredients, we can both create a wonderful feast for the senses. We strive to design with seasonally available florals. My favorite flowers to design with are peonies, ranunculus, viburnum, and calla lilies. Our go-to greenery for arrangements are geranium, eucalyptus, and camellia leaves.


BHR: Many say that floral arranging is much like composing poetry. What are some of your inspirations? Does a flower’s fragrance give greater depth to a composition?


EZ: Floral artistry is different from poetry because it is three-dimensional and highly visual. Instead of having to translate written works into visual works i.e., music videos, floral design is almost entirely based on vision. Flowers are all about the senses and smell absolutely gives a greater depth to the composition.


BHR: Does fashion and architecture influence your design philosophy?

EZ: Fashion and architecture definitely influence my design philosophy. My favorite fashion designers include Tom Ford, Dolce and Gabbana and Louis Vuitton. When it comes to architecture I prefer historic. If I had to choose between the Disney Concert hall and Vibiana it would be Vibiana. The more detail, the better! Art deco also really inspires me. What I love about Art Deco is the clean lines with subtle, intricate details. In addition to fashion and architecture, my design philosophy is letting the flowers speak to me. I base my original concepts on my client’s needs and wants. I listen to client expectations and help them visualize what they want. My client is often a design collaborator. I use their style and taste while designing arrangements. Sometimes it is a challenge to design arrangements based on verbal description because everyone sees color differently and feels differently about fragrance. Our pallet, green, white, grey and black, gives the arrangements a freer feeling because we don’t have to focus on color. This freedom allows the arrangements to be about texture, structure, detail and composition of the arrangement.


BHR: You have a very A-list clientele. What have been some of your latest celebrity creations?


EZ: One of the things our clients can count on is that we’re really hush-hush about that. We can’t say who is sending who flowers this week. What we can tell you is that we were fortunate enough to work with Oprah on her O You! Conference held at Los Angeles Convention Center last weekend (October 20th), Guess’ 30th anniversary party, John Wayne Cancer Society Gala, HBO in Santa Barbara, BFF Summit, FOX Emmy after party with Tom Ford and Russell Harris. We also designed an intimate dinner party at Bouchon for Martha Stewart when she was in town on her book tour.


BHR: Tell us more about the evolution of the Eddie Zaratsian brand and with your partnership with Restoration Hardware?


EZ: Several years ago we realized that Eddie Zaratsian could really be an interesting and very distinct brand. We decided to formally explore the possibility when Eddie appeared on Logo TV’s The Arrangement. Shortly after he was named Creative Director of the year by Event Solutions Magazine, was asked to showcase at Engage! 11, the “It Conference” for Luxury Wedding Producers and hosted the 2nd Annual Tea with E at the Langham Huntington. All three events garnered a huge positive response and quite a bit of attention for the brand. Then Restoration Hardware called. Gary Freidman and his team were launching a rebrand and developing a new concept for their Beverly Boulevard Boutique. They were creating a space that people could dream in. Their plans included a fresh floral boutique, a tea atelier, a Bibliotheque, and a European styled garden. After the first meeting it was clear that we had found the perfect partner. The creative direction and eventual creative collaboration with the Restoration Hardware team has evolved the brand. We have a very specific aesthetic, with a paired down color palette of Green and White, earthy and metal containers and an amazing array of Succulents. We are happy to be expanding alongside Restoration Hardware with the opening of our Scottsdale store in early November. It’s an exciting time for us and we are filled with gratitude.




Fantastic Scents – Jo Malone is one of my favorite brands.  I love them all!

Cozy Sweaters – I am currently in love with the Beautiful Cashmere Sweaters I picked up from a little boutique in Belgium. 

Sassy Louis Vuitton Loafers are my go-to!

I love everything Dolce and Gabbana! The fit is superb and I treat even the trendiest items as classics.

Petrossian Paris is just around the corner from my Gallery at Restoration Hardware

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